Crazy Us

The craziness behind the scenes at Panda Innovate

We Are Beyond

We are an eccentric bunch of individuals at Panda Innovate, a digital concierge company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Digital Lovers

We not only about tech talk, design, development, and delivery. We are about you, the business owner, and us crazy about bringing back the personal touch to our clients.

It may be cliche, but yes, we believe we are unique, sincere, and genuine in what we do because our engagement is through consultative business discussions first, then focus on your technology needs. The odd thing, this works. Why, because we that stubborn friend who holds you answerable and keep you on the path toward your goals. The important thing is we understand that you are different and while your business may be similar it is still unique.

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We Stop at Nothing

We not only about configure, develop, deliver. It’s about you, bringing back the personal services touch to our clients by providing consulting services with technology-based solutions.

Our approach is to first get to understand the person in front of the business and then adopt strategies, solutions, and technology that work for you to apply in your business. Our belief is that apps, tools, and systems MUST work for the business and not the other way.

We Love To Explore

Focusing on what your needs are, we tailor our services accordingly and help you uncover immediate improvements, hidden assets, underestimated opportunities, and overlooked possibilities. Ultimately help drive advantage through digital solutions.

We take it step-by-step

Provide help with new product and service discovery, refinement, and identification, looking at existing processes and products to understand what can be improved. We love to work with solo, micro, small and medium businesses and businesses that are impacted by Covid19.

We make it Simple

Together we help rediscover your business strengths and help pick up the fallen and forgotten ideas and help implement these through Collaboration and Engagement. We follow a proven, simple, and practical framework. G,R.O.W. It just works.

Your Dream. Our Mission

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

* G.R.O.W. Model (Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward)

G.R.O.W represents four stages in our non-complicated approach starting with a discovery conversation.

We help the client put into words a concise Goal.

Next, the client describes their current situation, the Reality, and followed by an understanding of the best implementable Options and immediate/short-term steps.

Nothing too complex. We help the client select one or more options and implement them and look at the Way Forward.